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[sticky post] Aug. 1st, 2015

I've figured out the top entry fic list creation process apparently. Yay!

Disclaimer: I do not own any recognizable material - I only play with them in order to relieve fannish tendencies and energies. Everything else belongs to their respective owners, creative, corporate, or otherwise.

Battlestar GalacticaCollapse )

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Title: High Noon
Fandom: Battlestar Galactica
Genre: AU/Gen/Humor
Rating: T (some questionable language, innuendo, and purported violence)
Word Count: ~5855
Spoilers: Not much... with it being A/U and all... (^_^)"
Characters/Pairings: This is a Crack!fic meant to involve most canonical and fanon ships with even a hint of plausibility to them that I have seen around on my f-list - so take that how you may. Main players however are Laura Roslin (no one's surprised right?), Bill Adama, Tom Zarek, with smaller roles and appearances by the ensemble cast (potentially more later).
A/N: The title actually has nothing to do with noon… or height, but it does involve a bit of guns and shooting – oh – and a lot of crack, so perhaps the “high” part may be somewhat relevant. This work is a spontaneous (and combustible) piece of writing formed from meandering thoughts during an evening walk – that started somewhere about falling sunlight, beautiful trees and landscapes, and somehow (by way of a recollection of a trivia question one late Jeopardy night regarding Alexander Hamilton’s newspaper) ended up with an image of the infamous and tragic duel of pistols between Alexander Hamilton and Andrew Aaron Burr (oops, time to review some of my old history lessons – I’m tempted to steal my sister’s AP text to read), and hence – this crack. I know the “ship Laura with everyone fics” have been done before – this is definitely NOT one of them (though some elements have been inspired by those elements of polyamory in fandom that I’ve seen as accepted canon since Caprica? I still have not watched that beyond the pilot, so please don't expect any of this to be in anyway accurate). This is a cracky, random mess that took my muse to new (extremely dizzying) heights – that were not at all healthy. (^_^)” (Of note, not all details are correctly drawn… I was tempted to do a Western European pistol duel adapted to Grecian stylings, but then again, it’s difficult to mar an opponent’s face with a gun and not kill them soooo…) And if one feels the need to inquire as to what I was possibly thinking, I believe it’s quite obvious that I was… not?

Also, with apologies, dear BSG fans among my f-list (as well as the wider lovely, BSG fandom here on LJ – though you may never know about this as, I think, I will be hiding this fic here on my journal ><”), please receive this as a joke-gift of sorts. I love you all, and despite the fact that this may not be particularly proud or happy news, you have all influenced me in one way or another as I type this. (A/N as written, for the most part, September 4, 2013)
A/N 2: In case anyone is wondering, I DID write this a LOOOOOOONG time ago - way before the new Hamilton musical and its subsequent popularity, so that's just a funny coincidence (though it may mean that I'll probably be listening to the soundtrack while working on Appendices). ALSO, even more importantly, all the thanks in the world(s) for my ever-patient beta lanalucy for the many fixes, corrections, and suggestions she made for this fic. All the remaining mistakes/moments of utter-awkwardness are mine and mine alone.
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Please do not digest this fic in any serious sort of way. It was originally written at a time when I desperately needed some silliness set in one of my still-tv-true-loves.
Summary: An ‘olden-times’ AU (think literally on the “colonial” here), in which Bill Adama and Tom Zarek still do not get along and have had enough [of each other].

This scene was a familiar one...Collapse )

End Notes: Another reason I held this one so long (Lana helpfully beta-ed this AGES ago) was that I wasn't sure if I wanted to wait until I had at least some of my in-universe "Appendices" written, but I've decided that those can wait in the WIP folder/document for now, and I will let this go as a *cough* Happy New Year's gift? For everyone? I'm sorry. ><"
Firstly, the Big Attraction...Collapse )

Part II of Theater FlailCollapse )

Part IIICollapse )

Of note, I know this post at this point, on this day has come out of absolutely nowhere, but I hope you are all well - wherever you may be. I think after the events of the last day (and more), I've come to further appreciate the distance that the internet compresses between human beings, but at the same time, the utter powerlessness also at times to take action when things go horribly awry at still distant places.

*HUGS* ♥
Hi everyone, so I finally located the lost notepad that I had jotted thoughts on long ago for some answers to this particular meme from pocochina, so here we go:

Reply with "Fuck yes fierce ladies (and awesome dudes, too)" and I'll give you four fandoms. Write about your favorite character from each fandom. (I'll try my best if you'd like to do this meme, but I'm not sure if I can guarantee an on-time response. :D

Pea had given me the following fandoms: Battlestar Galactica, The Closer, Xena, and Harry Potter. (I apologize for potentially nonsensical rambling now.)

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Title: Rippling Light (a Springs Eternal remix)
Characters/Pairing: Felix Gaeta and Anastasia Dee Dualla (friendship); other canon relationships implied
Rating: PG-13
Original Story: Springs Eternal by nicole_anell
Summary: Hopes may spring eternal, but they may not always remain true to reality.
Author’s Notes: Firstly, thank you to my wonderful beta, newnumbertwo, (though all mistakes remain my own). As the title of the original fic reminded me of the phrase that “hope springs eternal”, and that reminded me that a lot of New Caprica was based on hope – hope for a new start, new beginnings – for a new life and safety, and I wanted to explore the flip-side of hope in this remix, and the way that hope can also sometimes blind us- and these characters. Reading the original gave me the idea to try Gaeta’s perspective out on their opening conflict, and how they may have come full circle by the end. Because sometimes, hope isn’t always something we can hold onto by ourselves, but our friends can make it a bit easier to get a better grip and make the letting go of illusions a bit less painful and easier. (Original Remix posted HERE.)

Onwards we walk...Collapse )
I'm doing a bit of cleaning and organizing in prep for hopefully joining this year's remix, and then I realized I've had fics posted elsewhere for comms that I never properly transplanted back here, so this is that post for bsg_100 from a few years back after the finale. The drabbles are organized by challenges and organized under cuts. All drabbles should be 100 words... or thereabout. :D (Original posts found HERE.)

Challenge 1: Firsts

Count... (Laura Roslin, G)Collapse )

Think... (Saul Tigh, PG-13?)Collapse )

Lee Adama, PGCollapse )

Gaius Baltar, PGCollapse )

Challenge 2: Changes

To have no meaning... (Gen, G)Collapse )

And Wires... (Gaius/Six, T)Collapse )

Karl Agathon, PG?Collapse )

Laura Roslin, Bill Adama, PGCollapse )

Challenge 3: Box

Laura Roslin, PGCollapse )

Gen, GCollapse )

Challenge 4: Heat

Cold... (Karl Agathon, K)Collapse )

Rubbing... (Felix Gaeta, K+?)Collapse )

Cold... (Laura Roslin, K)Collapse )

Challeng 6: Guns

Kendra Shaw, PGCollapse )

Challenge 7: Empty

Elosha, PGCollapse )

Challenge 13: Luck

Gen, PGCollapse )
Something to share, and something - most definitely - worth reading (as someone else has already said): http://seanan-mcguire.livejournal.com/624528.html.

just an update note

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to explain my recent lack of presence across all the interwebz media through which I generally and gratefully interact with everyone here (tumblr and twitter and such) that I've been without a computer the past almost-week.

I will have a LOT of catching up to do then 'hopefully', but until then - I hope you are all doing well and enjoying life such that it may be... (Sorry, I've been down all day today so there's that as well. What's life?)

*rather wet hugs to everyone*


*offers slightly wilted flowers to everyone*

Not nearly as active as I wish to be, but I am definitely still around. :) And alive, for the most part.
Cut because it's long and rambly, and I don't want to accidentally cause upset and sadness in my f-list that actually watches the show. Also, tw: mental health issues and mentions of suicide.Collapse )

Sorry, I have serious thoughts SOME TIMES that are not always lovey-dovey. >>" I mean these were issues I had plenty of with The Closer, but many of those existed when I thought the framing of their central concept for the show was already a bit beyond my ability to suspend disbelief.



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